International Adoption Clinic Adoption Support Organizations

Adoption Learning Partners
Adoption Learning Partners provides web-based courses, moderated chat rooms, book reviews, and educational resources for adoptive parents, adopted individuals, birth parents, and professionals.

Adoptive Families of America
Nation's largest adoptive parent support organization.

CASE: The Center for Adoption Support and Education
A private, non-profit adoptive family support center offering national resources for families and professionals through training, publications, and consultations.

Colorado Heritage Camps
A post-adoption resource that facilitates annual heritage camps providing culturally-relevant and family-centered experiences for all members of the family.

FAIR: Families Adopting in Response
The website from the all-volunteer organization FAIR offers information, education, support, and fellowship to adoptive and pre-adoptive families.

Families Like Ours, Inc.
Organization provides adoptive and pre-adoptive support and other services for gay, lesbian, and other non-traditional adoptive families and professionals support them. While geared towards adoption from United States foster care, information may prove helpful to internationally adoptive families.

Family Helper
Canadian-based website that provides an extensive and slightly different selection of useful information and links about infertility, how to adopt, post-adoption, and search and reunion. Their motto is "no fancy graphics, just solid information."

National Council for Single Adoptive Parents
Non-profit corporation founded by single adoptive parents in 1973 informs and assists single people in the United States that want to adopt.

A multicultural adoption alliance dedicated to providing quality adoption-related services, particularly to children of color, and their birth and adoptive parents. Extensive educational outreach and resources offer lifelong education to adoptive families and birth families on matters of race and adoption.

A national association dedicated to issues of infertility and adoption offering adoption-related support groups, workshops, and conferences.

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