Kishor Avasarala, MD
Director, Pediatric Electrophysiology

Pediatric Cardiologist, Division of Cardiology

Medical School: Medical College Bellary, Bellary, India

Residency: Karnatak Medical College, Pediatrics, Hubli, India;
New York Medical College, Lincoln Medical Center, NY

Fellowships: Pediatric Cardiology, University of Florida College of Medicine, FL, Electrophysiology Cardiology, Cook Children's Medical Center, TX

Board Certification: Pediatrics, Cardiology

Language(s): Hindi


Kishor Avasarala, MD, is an expert in pediatric cardiology with a particular emphasis in electrophysiology. This subspecialty addresses the heart's electrical problems. Depending on the condition, medication or defibrillators may be used to adjust abnormal heart beats such as when the heart beats too slow or too fast. Dr. Avasarala can discuss any topic relating to pediatric cardiology, though he feels particularly comfortable discussing heart rhythm disorders such as tachyarrhythmia and bradyarrhythmia.

Compelling Fact

The most common type of “rapid heartbeat” condition in children is congenital and called supraventricular tachycardia. The onset of this type of tachycardia is usually sudden and cannot be predicted. The rate is generally between 220 and 240 beats per minute in a child, but may be as fast as 300 beats per minute in an infant.

Source: Pediatric Electrophysiology Society


  • Pediatric cardiology with particular emphasis in electrophysiology and pacing
  • Tachyarrhythmia and bradyarrhythmia

Electrophysiology is the technique of recording electrical activity of the heart. It is the most accurate and reliable method for evaluating heart rhythms and helping physicians determine the best treatment options for their patients.


Bradyarrhythmia is a disturbance of the heart's rhythm resulting in a slow heart rate.

Tachyarrhythmia is an abnormally fast heart rate that can cause a variety of symptoms including shortness of breath and dizziness.

Professional Achievements

  • Received the Outstanding Fellow of the Year Award in 1994, ’95, and ’96 in the department of Pediatrics at the University of Florida College of Medicine

Professional Organizations

  • Fellow, American Academy of Pediatrics
  • Fellow, American College of Cardiology
  • Member, Heart Rhythm Society
  • Member, Pediatric Electrophysiology Society

Appointment & Referral Information

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