Childhood Injury Prevention Network-Bay Area (CIPN-BA)

The Childhood Injury Prevention Network-Bay Area (CIPN-BA) is a multi-disciplinary group of individuals and agencies crossing county lines who share a passion for a safer world.

The Childhood Injury Prevention Network-Bay Area CIPN-BA was co-founded by Bonnie Lovette RN MS PNP, Injury Prevention Coordinator, Trauma Services, Children's Hospital Oakland. Please note that many CIPN-BA members are not affiliated with Children's Hospital Oakland.

We are committed to a leadership role in improving the lives of children through building community awareness of children’s injuries as a public health priority, and by influencing legislation. We address both unintentional and intentional injuries as there are a number of similarities in terms of the all-encompassing approach to preventing injuries from ever occurring.

CIPN-BA’s goal is to provide networking opportunities; information and data-sharing; and offer individual expertise in various areas of injury prevention within and beyond the group.

We focus on unintentional injuries for a target population of children 0-18 years of age in these areas:

  • Child passenger safety
  • Falls
  • Children in and around cars
  • Wheeled activities
  • Fire and burns
  • Choking
  • Dog bites
  • Water safety
  • Home safety
  • Pedestrian safety
  • Poisonings
  • SIDS


CIPN-BA also focuses on intentional injuries for a target population of children 0-18 years of age in these areas:

  • Abusive Head Trauma (Shaken Baby Syndrome or SBS)
  • Child abuse
  • Community violence (homicide, suicide)

Our Vision

We believe that 90% of childhood unintentional injuries can be prevented. Intentional injuries can also be prevented by changing the underlying conditions that contribute to violence in our community. We are confident that knowledge from multiple disciplines strengthens our approach to prevention. By forming a core of skilled injury prevention practitioners, we are prepared to lead, collaborate, and advocate for effective prevention strategies. One of our objectives is to begin to understand more about how to affect behavior modification within our communities, which will enable children and their caretakers to build resiliency. This knowledge will promote equitable outcomes for all children, and begin to reduce injury disparities that now exist due to race or socio-economic status which often limits cohesiveness of communities.

CIPN-BA's Members

Bonnie Lovette, RN, MS, PNP,
Co-Chair, CIPN-BA
Cynthia Frankel, RN, MN
Sam Morgan
Salvador Vargas
John "Jack" Walsh,
Co-Chair, CIPN-BA

Julie Espinoza Garcia, MSW, LCSW
Laura Pooler, LCSW
Michelle Voos
Linda Ayala, MPH
Elmer Glasser
Carol Powers, MA
Deede Vultaggio, RN
Kim Baranek, MPH Dabi Marsee Dan Peddycord, RN, MPA/HA
Nakia Wallace, BSN, RN
Natalie V. Berbick, MSW
Gianna Baldazo
Coire Reilly
Dana Wiltsek, MA, ASW
Alison Brooks RNC, MS, CNS
Stephanie Jim
Nadina Riggsbee
Kat Woolbright
Jim Carpenter, MD, MPH, FAAP
Ysela Jimenez
Emma R Olenberger, MA Jessica Recinos
Jennifer Chaves
Clayton Johnson
Catherine Stafford
Michelle Rivero, MPH
Pete DeQuincy
Beverly Juan, MD
Marcy Takeuchi, MSW
Pamela Anderson-Moore, MPH
Shannon S. Edwards
Stefania Kaplanes, MSW
Lisa Vajgrt-Smith, MPH
Carol Carrillo, MSW
Patricia Frost, RN, MS, PNP Shannon Ladner-Beasley, MPH
Anna Cleese Naila Francies
Kim Laciana Shalila Melvin, BA Pamela Stoker, MA  
Salvador Vargas
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