Clinical Trials


Finding cures for debilitating diseases or developing new treatment options doesn't happen overnight, and it doesn't happen in isolation, either, but with the help of people just like you who volunteer, or volunteer their children, to participate in a clinical study.

Some studies may simply want to collect data about you and a condition you might have in order to better understand how the condition impacts people and how effectively current treatments work; other studies may be conducting a trial on a new kind of treatment that has, of course, already met strict safety guidelines on use in people.

But no matter what kind of study you might choose to participate in, with your help, all them provide the foundation for the kinds of innovative treatments and cures for which Children's Hospital Oakland Research Institute is known.

If you have interest in volunteering yourself or your child for any clinical studies that are currently enrolling participants, please explore the links in the sidebar menu on the Children's Hospital Oakland Research Institute website page: Participate in a Study

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