UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital Oakland has one of the most highly regarded anesthesiology teams in Northern California. Our board-certified anesthesiologists and child-focused support staff have additional training to know the needs of children at different ages so that the right types of medicine in the right doses are chosen. The team has the experience in different techniques and therapies to make sure every child we treat is as comfortable as possible. Whether we’re seeing your child for an outpatient biopsy or a more intensive procedure with long-term follow-up care, our priority is to make sure that every child receives the safest and the highest-quality care in a safe and non-threatening environment.

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Why Families Choose Us

Pediatric Anesthesiologist Experts in the Bay Area

  • Every member of our staff of pediatric anesthesiologists is dedicated to ensuring that your child’s unique condition is taken into account for all procedures. Our team of specialists are experts at working with children in all areas of pediatric anesthesia and radiology, whether general, regional, or in such specializations as cardiology.
  • Many pediatric surgeons in the area request to work with our specially-trained pediatric anesthesiologists, and we participate in the education and training of the next generation of top medical minds.

Child-Focused Comfort and Facilities

  • Studies show that surgery is a more positive experience for children when they're active participants in their own care—and when their parents understand the process. For this reason, our anesthesiology care begins with discussions that help children and their families familiarize themselves with the Surgery Center.
  • Patients and their families are encouraged to take an active part in the pre-operative routine at Children’s Hospital, including a meeting with a Child Life specialist who shows the patient, through child play and dolls, what to expect during his or her surgical procedure.

Attention on Pre- and Post-Surgical Care

  • On the day of surgery, children fall asleep in cheerful, comfortable rooms—usually with their parents at their sides. Heart and lung function, blood circulation, oxygenation, body temperature, and other vital functions are constantly monitored, and we're prepared for any allergic or other unanticipated reactions to medication.
  • After surgery, specialists manage post-operative pain and keep kids comfortable so they can heal quickly. Acute post-surgical pain management and consultation are available for longer-term stays and more intensive procedures.