Center for Child Protection

The Center for Child Protection at UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital Oakland offers a full range of medical and mental health services to children impacted by abuse and exposure to violence. Research shows that when healthcare providers ask about domestic violence, more victims disclose abuse and seek help, and a specially-trained healthcare provider can ease the way for a battered caregiver to receive services by offering encouragement and support. We take all these things into consideration when we provide routine care and have become one of Northern California’s leading resources for child protective services in a medical setting.

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Why Families Choose Us

Child Abuse Services in Alameda County

  • There are nearly 20,000 cases of child abuse reported every year in Alameda County. At the Children's Center for Child Protection, our staff is responsible for ensuring that these cases are evaluated and that children receive the physical and emotional care they need.
  • Services offered at the Center include case management and service coordination for follow-up medical care, reporting to CPS and law enforcement, victim and witness assistance programs, crisis intervention, and case consultations with outside agencies.

Leading Professionals in the Medical and Forensic Fields

  • The Center for Child Protection is led by one of the only physicians in California who has been fellowship-trained in child abuse and neglect, and who's one of only two forensic pediatricians in the Bay Area.
  • The Center is the designated site for forensic medical services in Alameda County, and our medical staff conducts forensic medical evaluations for possible child abuse or neglect of children from birth through 18 years of age.

Specialty Programs for Continued Support

  • We offer special programs for education, screening, counseling, and advocacy services to battered caregivers and to children who have witnessed or been exposed to domestic violence.
  • For continuing care, we provide education programs for parents and professionals, prevention services in schools and community centers throughout Alameda County, psychosocial assessments of children and families, and individual, family, and group psychotherapy.

Domestic Violence Education and Screening

  • The DOVES (Domestic Violence Education and Screening) Project at the Center for Child Protection is a pioneering domestic violence program that provides individual and group psychotherapy to children and their battered caregivers as a strategy in the early prevention of child abuse. 
  • The mission of the DOVES Project is to create an effective multicultural environment in the pediatric setting so that caregivers can disclose domestic violence, mobilize for safety, and heal from the effects of trauma in both their children's lives and their own.
  • Educational services include:
    • Camp Creating Confident People—This camp combines the typical summer camp experience with group psychotherapy for children exposed to child abuse trauma and/or violence.
    • KidPower Workshops—These workshops teach “people safety” skills to children and adolescents and caregiving skills to parents and professionals.
    • Parenting After Domestic Violence (PADV) - PADV are group workshops that teach healthy parenting and effective communication skills following a history of domestic violence.