Developmental Playgroups Program

The Developmental Playgroups Program is a community-based intervention that provides parent-child playgroups to encourage the healthy development of infants and young children who are at risk for developmental delays. All groups incorporate developmentally rich play activities with parent support and education. Groups are located in Oakland and South Hayward. Most of the groups are composed predominantly of Latino families and are offered in Spanish.

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Why Families Choose Us

Group Play for Healthy Development

  • As part of the Developmental Playgroups Program, we offer group play sessions to encourage parents to meet other families raising young children who are at-risk for developmental delays, and to allow children to interact in a healthy and positive environment.
  • To make the most of these sessions, our clinical staff oversees the group and incorporates developmentally-rich play activities in keeping with your long-term care plan.

Developmental Support with a Multicultural Component

  • Additional support and education for parents are available, and referral services often include a home-therapy component. By focusing on both group and at-home play, our professionals do their best to integrate the sociocultural context of your individual family unit.
  • Groups are located in Oakland and South Hayward and are offered in both English and Spanish.

Early Intervention Services at Children’s Hospital Oakland

  • The Developmental Playgroups Program is part of the Children’s Hospital Oakland Early Intervention Services (EIS). The goal of the EIS is to provide therapeutic interventions and child development services for infants and young children up to age 6.
  • All EIS services are directed toward those children with emerging developmental, medical, and social-emotional delays.
  • EIS group services like the Developmental Playgroups Program are offered at community-based locations that make it easy for you to incorporate regular visits into your lifestyle.