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No place is like Children’s when it comes to radiology and imaging services for children. We use the most advanced imaging equipment available for ultrasound, X-ray, fluoroscopy, MRI, CT scan and all imaging services. Each imaging machine is carefully calibrated to use the lowest doses of radiation possible to provide the highest quality image. Our pediatric radiologists, imaging technologists, and nurses work only with children, and we have child life specialists who help ease anxiety about tests using a variety of distraction and orientation techniques. Children’s is one of only a small number of pediatric medical centers in the country to have child life specialists working in a dedicated pediatric radiology and imaging department.

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Sending Your Radiology Imaging Records Electronically

Sharing images and reports from outside institutions with UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital Oakland physicians has never been easier.

Our Diagnostic Imaging department now offers patients and healthcare providers a safe and secure way to send medical images electronically.using lifeIMAGE.

LifeIMAGE is a HIPAA-compliant service. Just upload your or your patient’s medical images and related health records to LifeIMAGE and they will be delivered to our pediatric radiologists for review.

Learn more about LifeIMAGE and how to upload your images.

By sending us images before an appointment, we can ensure patients are seeing the most appropriate specialist for their condition. This is not an emergency service, if this is an emergency, please dial 911.

Please note:
  • Processing the uploaded images could take up to 24 hours before they are available to your physician.

  • Please submit an accurate phone number, as we may need to validate your information on the phone or ask additional questions.

Age-Appropriate Diagnostic Imaging Options

  • Pediatric radiologists are integral to diagnosing illness and injury. They have additional years of training to understand the unique needs of children and know what are the best imaging techniques to diagnose medical and surgical problems.
  • They have detailed knowledge of the illnesses, and medical conditions of infants and children and most importantly are specially trained to interpret the results of the test and make an appropriate diagnosis.

  • Because no two patients present the same symptoms and needs—and because there are always unique circumstances regarding your child’s care—our diagnostic techniques include the latest in angiography, CT scans, conventional x-rays, fluoroscopy, MRI scans, nuclear medicine, ultrasound, and special procedures that involve more invasive imaging methods like biopsies and the use of catheters.

Child Support Services to Ease Anxiety and Put the Patient First

  • We understand that children are often anxious about procedures, so we provide Child Life Services with this in mind. Our goal is to minimize each child’s stress and anxiety, which is why we choose developmentally-appropriate methods to prepare each patient.

  • Our Child Life Specialists encourage children to express their concerns by offering them techniques to manage anxiety during their procedures. For MRIs and CT scans, some kids like listening to music or stories. For IV starts, we teach children and their caregiver's distraction and relaxation techniques. And if sedation or anesthesia is required for your child’s study, we work with the sedation/anesthesia imaging team to make the experience as pleasant and safe as possible for you and your child.

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