Hematology (Nonmalignant) & Complex Blood Disorders

The Hematology & Complex Blood Disorders Program provides expert and personalized care to children with any type of blood or bone marrow disorder. Access to all diagnostic and treatment regimens are available under one roof—including the option to participate in clinical trials using new therapies for hematologic disorders. We know the ways that a blood disorder can affect your child’s health, so we offer expert care that combines the skills of a multidisciplinary team of specialists. Working as a team, we can make a lasting impact on your child’s overall health.

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Why Families Choose Us

Specialists Who Are Leaders in Their Fields Caring for Your Child

  • Blood disorders rarely impact just one part of your child’s health, which is why we work closely with related specialists, experts, and outpatient support staff to generate long-term health strategies for even the most involved treatments.
  • Fellowship-trained pediatric hematologists and blood disorder specialists focus on your child's long-term health strategy.
  • Specialized teams of physicians, radiologists, nurse practitioners, and support staff come together to provide comprehensive diagnostic and therapeutic services.

Advanced Treatment Options for Blood Disorders in Children

  • We specialize in the treatment of inherited and acquired blood disorders and offer options ranging from medication and immunotherapies to complex transfusions and even bone marrow transplants,
  • Ongoing research in the field of blood disorders at UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital Oakland keeps us at the forefront of treatments that improves both immediate outcomes and long-term quality of life.
  • Our specialists take advantage of the developing research to offer new, safe, and effective treatments as soon as they become available.

Sickle Cell Anemia and Thalassemia Specialties

  • Our Sickle Cell Center is internationally recognized as a center of excellence.
  • Our Comprehensive Thalassemia Center is one of the largest programs in the country specializing in blood disorders.

Children’s Hematology Research and Medicine in One Location

  • Our clinical research and scientific discovery in blood disorders have pioneered healthcare movements around the world.
  • Children's Hospital Oakland Research Institute is recognized nationally for advancements in the field of pediatric blood disorders and is home to some of the top researchers and medical experts in the field.

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