International Clinic

Part of what makes the Bay Area unique is our incredibly diverse population. Our part of Northern California hosts families from many locations around the globe—all of whom contribute to the vibrant setting so many of us are proud to call home. UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital Oakland seeks to serve this population in our International Clinic, a facility open to children from birth through age 19 in need of preventative and primary care in a setting that is friendly, welcoming, and culturally-sensitive. Our certified travel health physicians offer pre-travel health advice about vaccines, medicines, and how to avoid insect-transmitted, food, and waterborne illness when traveling with children.

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Why Families Choose Us

Multicultural Pediatric Healthcare for Bay Area Families

  • We provide interpreter services in multiple languages and dialects to facilitate communication and understanding of your child’s healthcare plan.
  • Our clinic’s multidisciplinary team is sensitive to community or cultural mores. We always provide options that take into account each family’s unique dynamic and needs. 

Same-Day Visits and Preventative Care for Kids

  • Many of the preventative pediatric healthcare services we provide are aimed at maintaining health through routine immunizations, treatment of common childhood complaints, and physicals for sports or school.
  • Children who need same-day care may take advantage of the International Clinic acute care facilities or access our 24-hour phone advice service.
  • Pre-travel appointments available for established patients.

Health Information for Traveling with Children - Certified Pre-Travel Expertise

  • Provide pre-travel consultation for parents traveling internationally with children
  • Administer travel vaccines on-site
  • Advise on travel-safety best practices, including products for sun exposure, insect avoidance, and safe food preparation for children
  • Prescribe appropriate medications for travelers' diarrhea and malaria prophylaxis, taking into consideration each patient's age and general health