Medical Genetics

The Medical Genetics and Genomics Clinic at UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital Oakland evaluate children who are at risk for or suspected to have, a disorder with a genetic cause. Common reasons for evaluation are a developmental delay or specific learning differences, birth defects, or a family history of a genetic condition. Children and family members are seen by a clinical geneticist and a genetic counselor who provide medical evaluation, and genetic counseling regarding a known or suspected diagnosis, as well as recommended genetic testing and management.

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Medical Experts and Cutting-Edge Technology in One Location

  • Medical Genetics provides a range of services related to chromosomal abnormalities, birth defects, disorders of development, and many other genetic conditions in a child or family history.
  • Children with known or strongly suspected inborn errors of metabolism should be seen at our San Francisco campus, which can be reached at: (415) 476-9997. Inborn errors of metabolism are rare genetic (inherited) disorders in which the body cannot properly turn food into energy.

Regular Clinic Hours and Referral Support

  • Medical Genetic Clinic hours are held every Thursday, providing patients and families with streamlined and direct access to care. At these clinic sessions, consultations with board-eligible/certified clinical geneticists help ensure a more comprehensive and accurate diagnosis and treatment plan.
  • Visits vary depending on your situation and child’s condition. Initial consultations will most likely require 60-90 minutes and include a physical examination and overview of your child’s medical history. From there, doctors may order blood tests, diagnostic imaging, or other procedures at the main hospital.

Adult and Family Medical Genetics Support

  • Genetic disorders affect the entire family—especially in situations where siblings may also be susceptible to certain conditions. Our services take into consideration family medical histories and the implications of a patient’s health or testing for the entire family.
  • Adults with some types of genetic conditions may also be evaluated at the clinic.