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Athletics requires motion and all too frequently incorrect movement can result in less than optimum performance and even injury to young athletes. Using advanced motion analysis technology the Sports Medicine Center for Young Athletes can analyze a young athlete's biomechanics, movement, displacement, impact forces, velocity, acceleration and reduce complex athletic motion data to simple visualizations to recommend improvements, better techniques, and injury prevention awareness.

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Benefits of Motion Analysis

Young athletes' movement patterns are critical to normal functioning and staying in the game. By screening these patterns, we can readily identify functional limitations and asymmetries. We use advanced computer technology and expertise to measure movement, muscle activity, force production, and oxygen consumption to create a clear picture of an athlete’s challenges and needs. We use that data to determine the most beneficial exercises and movement modifications to help young athletes achieve or restore proper movement and build strength.

We Work Exclusively with Young Athletes

  • We specialize in evaluating and training young athletes from age 5 to 25.
  • Our pediatric focus gives us unparalleled knowledge of how to care for pediatric sports injuries.
  • We are on the leading edge with advancements in orthopedic care, and rehabilitation techniques that are suited to growing bones, joints, and muscles.

We offer customized individual and group analysis and training programs to maximize recovery from injury, to prevent injuries, and to enhance and optimize physical performance. Our programs ensure patients reach their highest potential in a responsible and biomechanically informed fashion. The center specializes in young, developing athletes of all levels utilizing a medical based approach to performance training which can keep you in the game and advance your performance to the highest levels.

Depending on the sport or activity, initial evaluations will take 1-3 hours.

Specialized Services Offered in the Motion Analysis Lab

  • Sports Performance/Injury Prevention/Wellness training
  • 3-D kinematic testing with and without plantar pressure evaluation
  • Video analysis
  • Energy cost analysis
  • Dynamic surface and Electromyography
  • High-Speed Cameras

Motion Analysis Testing for Specific Sports

Athlete Development Program

  • A complete functional and biomechanical fitness evaluation perfect for any sport or activity.
  • Feedback training, using high-speed video, muscle activation sensors, and other movement analysis technologies, assist the athlete to achieve peak performance.
  • Analysis report with Individual Training Program.
  • Option for a full analysis and training program that can take place where the athlete performs: on the court, on the track, or on the field.
  • All training is one-on-one and focuses on improving muscle strength, power, speed, agility, and minimizing biomechanical risk factors related to the injury.
Running Evaluation and Training Program
  • A full biomechanical running gait analysis utilizing high-speed video, force plates, and electromyography (muscles activation sensors).
  • Clinical interpretations and recommendations for reducing injury or repairing a current injury.
  • Further testing such as strength, flexibility, and joint range of motion may be performed to determine the cause(s) of any noted movement impairments.
  • Benefits: Identify and correct biomechanical tendencies that may result in a future injury, specifically for runners who experience pain while running or who want to improve running efficiency.
Return-To-Sport Evaluation
  • Evaluation of the athlete’s ability to perform sports specific tasks (e.g., jumping, cutting, lateral movements) using high-speed cameras and force plates.
  • Analysis of the athlete’s movements is analyzed for biomechanical tendencies that may place the athlete at risk for re-injury. Tests include balance, running symmetry, and muscle strength.
  • The biomechanical readiness of the athlete is assessed for return-to-sport participation following an injury or surgery (e.g., ACL reconstruction). Patient-Specific rehabilitation or return-to-sport training program is developed. This typically follows the conclusion of formal rehabilitation and before the athlete returns to full-sport participation.
  • Specialized return to sports evaluations and training plans are designed to bridge the gap from injury to optimal sports participation.
Physical Therapy Rehabilitation
  • Full biomechanical evaluation with comprehensive physical therapist evaluation, and individualized training regimen. (Approx. 1 hour)

Throwing or Pitching Analysis:

Analysis of throwing motions for both quarterbacks and pitchers to provide a starting point from which they can improve. Results are used to enhance overall muscular fitness, reduce the possibility of baseball or football-related throwing injuries and improve game performance.

Volleyball Spiking:

A full biomechanical evaluation of spiking motion, including high-speed video (60 frames/sec) filmed during spikes. A complete report of joint kinematics and body segment rotations and rotational speeds will be generated. Data is compared to elite collegiate volleyball players. We provide clinical interpretations and recommendations for reducing injury or repairing a current injury.

Lacrosse Shooting or Throwing:

A full biomechanical evaluation of motions in the dominant and non-dominant arms, including high-speed video (60 frames/sec) filmed during throws. A complete report of joint kinematics and body segment rotations and rotational speeds will be generated. Data is compared to other players in similar positions. We provide clinical interpretations and recommendations for reducing injury or repairing a current injury.

Golf Swing:

Body markers are placed on the upper and lower body to track motion during a full golf club swing. The results are analyzed and used to enhance overall muscular fitness, reduce the possibility of golf-related injuries, and improve in-game performance. Data is compared to professional golfers.

Tennis Swing

Gait Analysis & Foot Pressures:

The interactive testing session involves walking, running and jumping on a gait mat to determine simple gait measures and foot pressures using the latest technology in portable gait assessment, the "GaitRite"® mat. This test can be used to identify walking or running stride patterns, high-pressure areas of the foot, and center of mass as athletes move.


  • Pricing for motion analysis evaluations is based on the type of testing being performed ($150-$450).
  • Follow-up training sessions are $95 per session.
  • The Lab accepts insurances for physical therapy referrals.
  • For appointments or for more information, call (925) 979-3420.

Our Team of Experts

Each athlete who comes to us has a team of sports medicine experts who work exclusively with young athletes, which includes:

  • Orthopaedic Surgeons
  • Sports Medicine Physicians
  • Sports Physical Therapists
  • Certified Athletic Trainers
  • Biomechanists
  • Kinesiologists
  • Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialists
  • Sports Nutritionists

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