Neuropsychologists study and evaluate how a child that is affected by a brain disorder functions and think. When diagnosing children with brain tumors and brain disorders, the different aspects of mental, emotional, and biological health all come into play. Our neuropsychologists use their knowledge in the applied science of brain-behavior relationships to assess and diagnose patients in our Neurology, Hematology/Oncology, and the Neurosurgery departments who may have neurological, neurodevelopmental, and psychiatric conditions.

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Support for Patients in Neurology, Neurosurgery, and Hematology/Oncology


  • Neuropsychology only accepts internal-referrals from Benioff Children's Hospital Neurology, Neurosurgery, and Hematology/Oncology departments.

Expert Treatment and Coordinated Care with Cross-Departmental Support

  • Our Neuropsychology service supports patients receiving care in the Divisions of Neurology, Oncology and the Neurosurgery Center at Benioff Children's Hospital.
  • In a neuropsychological assessment, brain function is evaluated by objectively testing memory, thinking, and other cognitive skills. Use of standardized tests and clinical observation helps us better understand a child’s cognitive development before, during, and after treatment.

Expertise Treating Children With Neurological and Developmental Concerns

Neuropsychology sees patients:

  • primarily under 3, with developmental delay suspected to be due to a neurological problem, including suspected genetic or metabolic disorders

  • with suspected seizures, which may include patients who have autism or other developmental or behavior disorders

  • who have been diagnosed as autistic or who have other behavior issues who also have neurological abnormalities on exams such as microcephaly, ataxia spasticity, or motor asymmetries

  • with new-onset behavior issue or psychosis where the consult requested to rule out organic etiology, which may be done in collaboration with psychiatry

Educational Support and Whole Child Wellness

  • We've made a commitment to our pediatric patients and their families to provide safe and effective treatments that take into account all aspects of health and wellness. Our clinical assessments include the social, cultural, and academic settings where your child lives, providing you with a baseline of care that works within your unique family dynamic.

  • Our neuropsychologists work with families and school systems to develop a plan for helping each child reach their learning and educational potentials.