Parent Infant Program (PIP) / Local Early Access Program (LEAP)

The Parent-Infant Program (PIP) at UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital Oakland is an intensive family-focused early-intervention program for developmentally-disabled infants and their families. Parents are a major influence on a child's development, and this program focuses on helping them build healthy and positive relationships with their children from birth through age 3. With a combination of community-based resources, parent education, and the backing of our medical staff, we've become a leading provider of infant development services in and around Oakland.

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Why Families Choose Us

One-of-a-Kind Intervention for Children with Developmental Disabilities

  • The Parent Infant Program (PIP) is a well known early-intervention program for clients of Regional Center of the East Bay who have children with developmental disabilities in the Bay Area.
  • Services include center-based programs for infants and families, comprehensive developmental evaluations, family workshops, parent counseling, parent support groups, a toy-lending program, and at-home support.

Inclusive Services with a Multicultural Focus

  • PIP recognizes the wide range of needs and complex feelings experienced by families with infants who have special needs, so almost all of our programs center on offering support to those facing stress, uncertainty, and often difficult decisions.
  • Our approach is one that centers on the family dynamic and the relationships that already exist within it. Parent-child group programs for infants and toddlers focus on multicultural infant mental health and development.

Qualified Staff and Group Options

  • A PIP staff member visits with families regularly at their home. Group sessions with the parents and children enrich the child's development and support parents by giving them needed tools to help their child.
  • Our staff includes a clinical director, program coordinator, and specialists in infant development, adaptive physical education, and mental health.

Family-Focused Support and Parent Education

  • At PIP, we believe that the family is the most important influence on the development of an infant and, therefore, seek the active participation of family members in our program. We're committed to promoting healthy parent-child relationships that balance the needs of parents with those of children and the whole family.
  • By helping families to understand and accept the strengths, limitations, and developmental potential of their child, as well as providing a safe place to share concerns with others, we hope that parents will become better advocates for their child and feel more satisfied, confident, and competent.