Cunha Namgalies, Talita, MD

Talita Cunha Namgalies


Medical School

Universidade do Vale do Sapucai (UNIVAS), Brazil


University of California, Los Angeles, CA (Observership in Pediatric ophthalmology and adult strabismus)


Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais, Brazil (Pediatric ophthalmology and adult strabismus)


Strabismus Research Foundation (Research Fellow)


Fundação Hilton Rocha, Brazil (Ophthalmology)

Clinic Locations

My Work

About Me

As an ophthalmologist, I have a passion for helping my young patients improve their eye health and functionality through preventive and corrective care.

My research focus is strabismus -  or eye misalignment. In children Strabismus can cause amblyopia, or poor visual development, in the eye that isn't straight. This can be so severe as to cause severe vision loss. Fortunately, if detected, it can be treated effectively and reversed.  

As part of my practice, one treatment option for strabismis is injection of Botulinum Type A Toxin (BT) and Bupivacaine (BP) to treat strabismus. BP and BT in coordination are powerfully synergistic. BP injection elicits damage similar to mechanical overloading, repair of which corrects strabismus by strengthening and shortening the injected muscles. BT in the antagonist allows the BP-injected muscle to rebuild at reduced length. Injection treatment has been shown to yield stable, apparently permanent corrections of misalignments, comparable to those of traditional incisional surgery. BP treatment is particularly useful where previous procedures have left adhesions and fibrosis that complicate surgical approach and should be considered by patients who wish to avoid reoperation.