International Adoption Clinic Services

Our international adoption pediatrician and pediatric neuropsychologist work with supporting specialists to provide thorough, evidence-based evaluations and assessments for your child. When you turn to us, you will receive a written report detailing findings, concerns, and recommendations. We will review our report and discuss your concerns during an in-person or phone consultation.

International Adoption Clinic services include: 
International Adoption Education
Workshop, seminar, and conference educational outreach services for parents, medical providers, agency staff, and organizations.

Pre-Adoption Evaluation
Medical and developmental evaluation of medical records, photographs, and videotapes of referred children, toddlers, and infants awaiting adoption.

Pre-Travel Consultation
Medical guidance and education for parents offered prior to traveling to the adoptive country to meet the child and/or finalize adoption. We also provide consultations in preparation for a blind referral.

In-Travel Consultation
Medical advice for families during travel is provided as part of the pre-travel or pre-adoption assessment.

Post-Adoption Medical Examination
Medical evaluation that complements and expands primary physician care. The medical examination and review includes medical records, growth measurements, physical examinations, laboratory screening, fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS) screening, recommendations, and referrals.

Post-Adoption Neuropsychological Assessment
New arrival assessments determine baseline developmental levels and go beyond simple developmental screenings that do not truly reflect the developmental level of a child being adopted from another country. An assessment by a pediatric neuropsychologist takes into consideration the child's international adoption background, attachment style, approach to learning, attention span, capacity to self-regulate, and the impact of transitioning to a new language and culture. Follow-up assessments and comprehensive evaluations of children who have resided with their families for extended periods of times are also available.

Post-Adoption Specific Issue Consultation
Consultation with our adoption pediatrician or pediatric neuropsychologist focusing on specific parent, physician, or educator concerns regarding attachment, behavior, development, learning, or any other concern at any point after your child is home. 

Uniquely Qualified and Experienced Guidance

While many pediatricians have children adopted internationally in their practices, most do not have a carefully considered standardized approach to each adopted child’s initial evaluation. The medical records are often baffling, even to specialists like us who review them regularly. It is unusual to see a child who has had all the lab tests that are recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics. Few children are routinely referred for formal hearing assessment or eye examination. Most primary care physicians do not feel comfortable considering a diagnosis of fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS), let alone using standardized FAS diagnostic analysis.

Typical developmental screening instruments administered by a parent or physician are less detailed than a neuropsychological assessment. American standardized tests also do not truly reflect the developmental level of a child being adopted from another country. We take this into account when interpreting results. We also consider you child's background, attachment style, approach to learning, attention span, capacity for self-regulation, and the impact of transitioning from one language and culture to another in understanding your child.

Addressing the Whole Child

We provide anticipatory guidance about attachment and well-child concerns, especially those relevant to the post-institutionalized child. This guidance differs substantively from the average well-child advice. Many physicians are not fluent in the attachment issues of children who have been institutionalized. Parents are often advised to "wait and see" when a more active approach is needed.

We also provide valuable resource information and educational material to support the healthy journey of your child and family.

Service Providers: Dr. Nancy Curtis and Dr. Audrey Bethke