Jocelynn's Brain Tumor Story

Jocelynn is a beautiful, vivacious little girl. She had symptoms of consistent vomiting and was taken to their local hospital. After tests and scans it was determined that she had an ependymoma, which is a rare type of brain tumor. It usually starts in the spinal cord and can spread to the brain. Jocelynn had a very large ependymoma that her doctors believed was inoperable. Her parents were told to take her home and try to enjoy the time they might have left

Instead, Jocelynn’s parents traveled to Oakland to get a second opinion from Doctors Peter Sun and Joseph Torklidson at Children’s Hospital. Dr. Sun removed the tumor during extensive surgeries that lasted up to 23 hours. Following surgery Dr. Torklidson began chemotherapy. Today Jocelynn is still undergoing treatment, but her outlook for the future has significantly improved.