Principal Investigators

At Children's Hospital Oakland Research Institute (CHORI), the Principal Investigator (PI) is responsible for the design, execution, and management of a research project. Approximately 65 Principal Investigators (PIs) conduct biomedical or behavioral research within Children's Hospital Oakland Research Institute. Although each Investigator is organizationally aligned with a particular Center or study focus, collaborations are not limited to within the CHORI campus. Our PIs work with scientific colleagues in scientific laboratories, hospital clinics, and fieldwork stations both nationally and internationally. Each Investigator along with their team work toward advancing the state of biomedical science with the goal of changing changing the outcome for children who are sick.

To learn more about our Principal Investigators, click on one of the names below.

  • Bruce Ames, PhD
  • Parvin Azimi, MD
  • Peter Beernink, PhD
  • Dario Boffelli, PhD
  • Giorgio Cavigiolio, PhD
  • Deborah Dean, MD, MPH
  • Pieter de Jong, PhD
  • David Durand, MD
  • Ervin Epstein, Jr., MD
  • Henry Erlich, PhD
  • James Feusner, MD
  • Horst Fischer, PhD
  • Heidi Flori, MD
  • Ellen Fung, PhD
  • Dan M Granoff, MD
  • Karen Hardy, MD
  • Paul Harmatz, MD
  • Laura Hertel, PhD
  • Carolyn Hoppe, PhD
  • Damini Jawaheer, PhD
  • Janet King, PhD
  • Ronald Krauss, MD
  • Frans A Kuypers, PhD
  • A Desiree LaBeaud, MD, MS
  • Edward J Lammer, MD
  • Terrance Leighton, PhD
  • Bertram Lubin, MD
  • Alexander Lucas, PhD

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