Runners Clinic at the Lab

Runners Clinic at Motion Analysis & Sports Performance Lab

The Runners Clinic Biomechanical Evaluation is an assessment designed specifically to give the runner an insight into muscle, joint, or movement dysfunction that can have a negative effect on running performance and/or lead to repetitive strain-causing injury.

The ultimate goal of the evaluation is to identify your movement asymmetries, muscle strength and flexibility imbalances, and joint motion restrictions. Our team of professionals uses the results to design an exercise program specific to each individual runner to improve mechanical efficiency.

Open to:
Athletes age 9 - 25
Cost:$75 per person 

If running is a part of your sport, we want to help you make running effortless, move more efficiently, run faster, avoid injury, improve your performance, and get better results.

At the Runners Clinic, each runner participates in the Runners Biomechanic Screen which includes:
  • Slow motion video analysis.
  • Footwear, strength, flexibility, and posture assessment.
All runners receive:
  • Individualized running and training exercises based on the results of their Runners Biomechanic Screen.
  • Runner-specific nutrition information from our sports nutrition registered dietitian

Runners Clinic is offered the 4th Tuesday of each month, January - November.

Time: 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM

Motion Analysis & Sports Performance Lab
Sports Medicine Center for Young Athletes
2401 Shadelands Dr., Suite 170
Walnut Creek

Whether you have been running for years or are just starting out, our team of professionals will provide expert evaluation and address your running-related concerns.

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Questions: Call (925) 979-3420 or email:
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