At UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital Oakland we recognize that success in school is essential to every child's self-esteem and well-being. That's why we make educational continuity part of the recovery plan for every school-aged child hospitalized here. Our Hospital School Program is a reassuring bridge between home and hospital, emphasizing the healthy part of a child's life, letting kids know they can expect to return to their regular school experience.

Supporting students to stay on track with all of their subjects is the main goal of our Hospital School Program. Our school is fully accredited by the Oakland Unified School District, many of our teachers are from Oakland Unified schools, and all our teachers have graduate degrees and teaching credentials. Our teachers are active members of the healthcare team, consulting with medical caregivers so young patients get comprehensive care. Kids unable to attend classroom sessions get bedside teaching.

Program Features

It's vitally important to keep your child children involved in their education while in the hospital. The Hospital School Program staff will obtain schoolwork and standardized testing from the student's home school when possible, sending progress reports to the homeschool when requested. Hospital School teachers will create an appropriate curriculum for students when home schoolwork is unavailable. All students are regularly provided enrichment activities in all subjects.

Our teachers help coordinate homebound teaching services for patients who are unable to return to school after leaving the hospital. Hospital School teachers also serve as liaisons between the hospital and school to support student needs as they return to regular classes.

Our in-house classroom features advanced technology tools, a rich curriculum, and frequent visits from special guests. Teachers also work with patients at the bedside so everyone continues to make progress in their education.

Classroom Hours:
Monday - Friday
9:45 AM - 12 PM; 2 - 4 PM*
(*closed Thursday afternoon)

Location: 4th Floor
Administration Phone: (510) 428-3236
Classroom Phone: (510) 428-3885, Ext. 5380

How Can Parents and Families Help?

Parents and guardians may assist hospital teachers by:
  • Notifying their child's teacher and school nurse to let them know about a school absence or hospitalization
  • Working with your school in providing your child's assignments and textbooks
  • Making arrangements to allow extra time for your child to complete school assignments during recuperation
  • Sharing information about the child's educational needs
    (For example: Providing a copy of the patient's Individualized Educational Program (I.E.P.) to assist in planning instruction for students with exceptional needs)
  • Encouraging ongoing communication between your child and his/her friends and teachers at their school

Hospital School Program Teachers

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