Expanding the Scope of Innovation & Discovery

Technology Transfer at Children's Hospital Oakland Research Institute (CHORI)

Technology transfer is the translation of ideas, inventions, and novel therapies from the clinicians and researchers who develop them to industry partners with the funding and capability to produce them.

CHORI is among the leading biotech enterprises in the Bay Area. Providing an open, engaged and interdisciplinary environment, CHORI fosters innovative discoveries that change lives. With 15 new invention disclosures in the past year alone, more and more CHORI discoveries are reaching fruition through collaborative research and development efforts with industry partners.

While many of the inventions born from CHORI research are patents on individual discoveries, multiple opportunities for mutually rewarding collaborations with industry exist, and may result in commercially viable products. Such collaborations provide industry with access to researchers who are leaders in their field, tangible scientific resources important to research and development efforts, as well as opportunities for joint publications in leading scientific journals. Similarly, CHORI staff is given access to scientific resources and intellectual property owned by collaborators which might otherwise not be available.

For a list of current licensing opportunities go to: technology transfer opportunities at CHORI

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