Patient Services

Our priority is the best care for your child and the best experience for your family. That's why an extensive array of services and amenities are available for your use. Support is available in the form of child life specialists, playrooms, a teen lounge, school programs, tutors, music and art therapy, and the Family Resource & Information Center.

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Healthcare Team

A team of experts in pediatric care provide top-notch care for kids around the clock. Our network includes physicians from 30+ specialties, fellows, residents, psychiatrists, nurses, nutritionists, child life therapists, chaplains, and even specially-trained playmates.


Most rooms can accommodate two patients. Throughout our years of service, we have found that the comfort of a roommate is helpful in reducing feelings of anxiety your child may have about the hospital setting. Chair-beds can be used for overnight stays by parents or designated adults. Children have access to a television, private phone line, and mail service.


How would you like room service from your hospital bed? With our Dining-On-Call service, kids can choose what they want, whenever they want it. You and your child make selections from our large, child-friendly menu, then simply dial F-O-O-D (3663) from the bedside phone, and the meal of your choice will be delivered within 45 minutes. Meals can also be pre-ordered a day in advance. After 6:30 p.m., you can ask your child's nurse for a snack. Even if a patient forgets to order, we make sure all patients get a meal.

Your child's food allergies, cultural or religious requirements, and other food preferences matter to us. Dietitians are available for consultation. Special diets are our specialty.

    Before bringing any special food for your child, please check with your child's nurse. Some patients are on a restricted diet or may need all their food and drink (everything going in and out) monitored. Kids scheduled for surgery or some special procedures will be NPO for four to eight hours beforehand. This means they may have nothing by mouth, including water or juice.

Room Visits

Your child's comfort is important, which is why we ask that everyone be respectful of noise and space in the shared room setting. We ask that you limit visitors in the room to four at a time, and use your judgment when turning on the TV or talking on the telephone.

Friends and relatives, including brothers and sisters, may visit between 8 AM and 8 PM. Parents and guardians are welcome at all times, day and night. One designated adult may spend the night in a child's room.


We know that kids don't stop being kids when they walk through our doors, so we work hard to ensure that their youthful spirit remains strong. There is no better way to promote healing than by creating an atmosphere where children are encouraged to continue being themselves and living their lives. To that end, we've designed a number of programs, activities, and play areas in keeping with today's kids and their interests. These include:

  • Playrooms
  • Teen lounge and teen program
  • An art therapist on-staff
  • Music therapists
  • Outdoor playground
  • Outdoor butterfly garden

These facilities are subject to regular open and close times, so be sure and ask your healthcare provider when is the best time to make a visit. Children who are unable to leave their rooms may request toys and books to be brought to them. We also have Child Life specialists and trained volunteers on staff who are happy to pay a visit or accompany your child to the playroom.

Special Needs

We know it can be difficult to navigate an unfamiliar system, especially if you or a loved one has a physical, mental, or sensory disability. Please let us know about any special accommodations you might need in advance of your stay, and we will do our best to make the process easy on the whole family.

Parking and Transportation Services

  • Disabled parking is available for those who will be using the hospital parking facilities and have the appropriate parking permits.
  • If you need a wheelchair, wagon, or stroller for moving around our facilities, please call ahead or find a front desk specialist to locate the necessary accommodations for you.
  • Specialty car seats for young patients who have undergone surgeries or treatments that limit mobility are also available. Check with your child's nurse in advance of discharge.

How to Help

At Children's, we believe that access to the best healthcare possible is the birthright of every child. There are many ways you can support life-saving research and our mission to provide specialized pediatric care. Generous donors help to support our families here at Children's. You can be a part of this effort by making a gift online at our Giving page. Your contribution of any amount will help.

If you would like more information about giving opportunities, please contact the Children's Hospital Foundation.


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